Library resources include:


General encyclopedias such as World Book.


Specialized encyclopedias covering Africans in America, sports figures, literature and poetry, animals. An encyclopedia of dogs that covers 700 breeds, photographs of each breed, and a detailed description of what makes the dog so special and unique . Did you know that German Shepherds, also called Alsatians, can detect gas leaks?


Online Resources you might like:


Encyclopedia.com has more than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations. 

Check out Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit! Find information here on a variety of topics, including arts, biography, geography, history, math, science, society, and technology.


P.S. Wikipedia encourages participation, so if you find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, you can fix it!