Game Building



A helpful tutorial on how to build computer games, starting with the initial idea for the game and on to programming languages and platforms. Good guide for beginners.

Learn to Create Video Games with these eBooks in Our Collection


UDK Game Development [electronic resource]
by Thorn, Alan
 UDK™ (Unreal Development Kit) GAME DEVELOPMENT is written with newcomers to the UDK in mind. It is arranged so that each of the core foundational UDK components is considered in depth and one by one, in the best order in which to tackle them. Reading this book, you'll explore such key topics as meshes, materials, textures, sounds, and lights. As you do, you'll discover how to build a number of levels, or mini-games, that feature music, animated characters, weapons, destructible scenery, lighting effects, particle systems, and more.



Visual C# Game Programming for Teens [electronic resource]
by Harbour, Jonathan S
Covers each essential step for creating a complete role-playing game, including a character creation screen and a combat system. This book serves as a comprehensive introductory guide for readers who are new to programming or new to programming for games. The student is shown how to load and draw bitmaps, create sprites, render a game world, keep track of inventory and character stats, and build tools: a level editor, character editor, item editor, monster editor. Every chapter contributes toward a growing game library that is used to improve and add new and more advanced features to the game, and when the student is finished they will have created a complete game.


Character development in Blender 2.5 [electronic resource]
by Williamson, Jonathan
Written for everyone from beginning Blender artists to experienced animators and game developers, Character Development in Blender 2.5 shows readers how to model believable characters using Blender, a free, open source 3d animation package. Covering the technical, artistic, and theoretical aspects of character development, the book provides an in-depth look at Blender's modeling tools and includes information on modeling, sculpting, materials, lighting, rendering, and more.