Solano County Library Advisory Council


Ten-member appointed board that serves in an advisory capacity on matters of library services as provided by the County Library.  Learn More

March 16, 2020  - meeting cancelled

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Vacaville Library Commission


Five-member appointed commission that serves in an advisory capacity to the Vacaville Library Board and the Director of Library Services.  The various duties and obligations of the commission are specified by the state education code, actions of the Library Board and bylaws. Learn More


November 4, 2019 meeting - Cancelled


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The committee shall review and report on the public libraries’ administration of and compliance with the expenditure plan and the terms of this measure. Learn More


September 16, 2019

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Solano County Law Library
Board of Trustees


Seven-member appointed board that serves at the governing board for the Solano County Law Library.  The various duties and obligations of the board are specified in the state business and professions code. Learn More


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