2015 Teen Summer Challenge



The Challenge Begins June 8


How to Play


1. Accept a dare.
2. Complete your dares and tell us what you did. You have until August 8.
3. Dare someone else


DARE yourself. Win a book (up to $10 each) for each of the first two dares you complete. For every dare after, win a chance at an iPad Mini. Fill out the Dare Completion Form for every dare you accomplish.


DARE your friends. Submit dares (as many as you want!) here online or on the Dare Board at your local library.



A Few Dare Rules:


Keep it legal, stay safe, and remember to be respectful of others.


Dares can be expressive, creative, daring, funny, colorful, challenging, or all of them at once.


The library reserves the right to alter dares and of course all dares are subject to the library’s approval.




Tell us how we are doing


Please take our survey and let us know how
we can improve future summer programs.




What do you dare to do?





Attend an Event


Fairfield Civic Center | Fairfield Cordelia | John. F. Kennedy


Rio Vista | Springstowne | Suisun City | Vacaville Cultural Center


Vacaville Town Square