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Can I get free or discounted passes to museums, zoos and other local attractions through the Library? (Discover & Go)

Yes! Discover & Go, the Library's museum pass reservation system, provides card holders who are Solano County residents with the ability to make up to 2 reservations  to local museums and cultural institutions.  Number of persons admitted per pass varies by venue.  Consult the museum's information page on Discover & Go regarding admission.


Discover & Go provides access to passes that can be printed online. Some venues accept mobile passes. Each Discover & Go pass expires immediately after the reservation date – no returns required and no possibility for overdue fines! This unique program allows library users to make reservations online by date or by venue and immediately print out a pass. Customers without Internet access can use the computers at the library to reserve and print a pass.

Who can reserve Museum Passes on Discover & Go?

Access to pass reservations is limited to library cardholders who are 14 years of age and up and who reside in Solano County. Cardholders who are not Solano County residents cannot reserve passes on the Library's  Discover & Go reservation system. It is advised that non-Solano County residents check a nearby library system that is within their jurisdiction, since many local library systems offer Discover & Go.


For some attractions, patrons have to be either age 16 or 18 and up. Attractions that are only available for older age groups will not display for younger ages. For example, de Young Museum only allows ages 18 and up to reserve passes.


The cardholder will  have to show ID along with the pass at the venue to gain admission, so it is important that the name on the pass matches the name on the ID.


The number of passes available and terms of use are set by the participating organizations.

What museums are available for reservation through Discover & Go?

You can see which museums and cultural destinations are available by selecting "Browse by Venue" on the Discover & Go  site (login required). You can search by attractions or locations. In addition, you can apply the filter that lets you search for three types of passes: free passes, discounted passes, and mobile passes accepted.

How many Discover & Go museum passes can I reserve?

You can have two active reservations at a time.


For example, if you make one reservation for a visit in June and you make a second reservation for a visit this Saturday, you can make another reservation after you complete your visit this Saturday.

Am I limited to a certain number of Museum pass reservations for the year?

Most venues do not have an annual limit per library card number.  However, there are some venues that have placed a restriction on the number of times you can use a pass. You will find details about each pass within the venue information under offer(s).

Can I cancel an active Discover & Go reservation if I haven't printed the pass?

Passes that have not been printed can be canceled. To cancel a pass that has not been printed, log into your Discover & Go account and click on "Cancel Pass."


Once you select to print a pass, it is considered a used pass and you cannot cancel the reservation. This impacts you if the venue limits you to a certain number of uses, such as the California Academy of Sciences, which allows you one reservation per year.


If you don't cancel the reservation or don't use the pass, you will be able to make another reservation only under the terms and conditions set by the museums.

I cannot view the Discover & Go calendar beyond a certain date.

The calendar allows library cardholders to view and book reservations between 2 to 3 months out.

I cannot use the pass I printed from Discover & Go--what do I do with the printed pass? I printed the wrong date. Do I just throw it away?

Please discard the printed pass as we cannot cancel your reservation and make it available to others once the pass has been printed.


It is advisable to check that you have selected the correct date and venue before printing passes.

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