Resource of the Month: May / June 2018

By Jonathan Watson, Law Librarian

May / June 2018 Post


May 2018: Do you want to expose a young adult to a prominent Supreme Court case? In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, check out Karen Alonso’s Korematsu v. United States: Japanese-America Internment Camps (1998) at Solano County Library. During WWII, due to the issuance of Executive Order 9066, the United States interned Japanese Americans in concentration camps. In 1942, Oakland-born Fred Korematsu (1919-2005) went into hiding and, in desperation, changed his name to “Clyde Sarah.” He even underwent minor blepharoplasty so that he might pass as a person of Spanish and Hawaiian descent. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, and Korematsu was soon arrested in the Bay Area and convicted for evading internment. In the Supreme Court case Korematsu v. United States (1944), he sued over the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066. The aforementioned book chronicles Korematsu’s Supreme Court fight, as well as his attempts to have his conviction overturned and receive compensation from the United States for the time that he spent in internment. After reading the book, you might visit Solano County Law Library and use our legal databases to find in-depth information about the case Korematsu v. United States.  



Korematsu v. United States


June 2018: When you look at a cat, what is the first thing that you feel? An ailurophobe likely feels terror. An ailurophile feels fondness. A person with clinical lycanthropy might feel like a cat trapped in a human body. Others probably feel that the laws are confusing when it comes to cats. For Adopt-A-Cat Month, check out Tim Jones, Esq.’s 2014 article “With recent cat debate, what laws govern cat ownership?” for a summary of California’s cat-related laws (Daily Republic). Would you like to look up any of the laws cited in the article? Go to the Official California Legislative Information website and search under “California Law.” You can also visit Solano County Law Library to find any case law and secondary sources related to cats.







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