Resource of the Month: July / August 2018

By Jonathan Watson Law Librarian


Was July being Independent Retailer Month something that inspired you to start your own business? You can find titles such as Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business (Nolo) and Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business (Nolo) at Solano County Law Library.
Have you tried the Nolo titles and are looking to do more advanced research on business law? We have an array of print and electronic resources for you to use—such as California Business Litigation (CEB) and California Practice Guide: Corporations (West). Be sure to visit Solano County Law Library (or call us at 421-6520) to learn more about our collection.





On August 18, 1960, the first birth control pills were sold to the public. Thus, the date became known as National Birth Control Pill Day. Yet, birth control (and reproductive rights in general) has still remained a contentious issue. If you are interested in the topic, start your research with Marc Stein’s book Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court decisions from Griswold to Roe. He examines Supreme Court cases such as Griswold vs. Connecticut in which it was argued that the state’s ban on contraceptives violated marital privacy.

Afterwards, you might also check out Paul A. Lombardo’s Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell. The Supreme Court case revolved around Carrie Buck, who underwent compulsory sterilization for supposedly being “feeble-minded.” Both books are available at Solano County Library. As for the cases themselves, you can find in-depth resources at Solano County Law Library.



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