Silly stories from the Fairfield-Cordelia Teen Writing Club

By The Say-er of It

In writing club last night, members took turns writing and passing stories around. Here are two of the stories we wrote together. The Fairfield Cordelia Writing Club meets from 5:30-6:30pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month.



Story 1


It was a dark and story night as Annabelle Lee went in to the ballroom. There were candles, chandeliers, an assortment of desert; a feast of course for the princess, queen-to-be. She feasted on Cheez-its all day until she gave out. She woke up and was really fat. She tried exercising, but she had too many Cheez-its. She gave up and tried calling the food fairy for help.  


"Food Fairy, Food Fairy, save me from the Cheez-its!" Annabelle Lee yelled to the sky. POOF! The Food Fairy appeared with ice cream cone shoulder pads and a dress made of steak. "I will save you from the Cheez-its, but you will have to pay dearly." 


"Anything, of course! I swear I'd give my own life!" 


Which was exactly the price the Food Fairy wanted her to pay.


"Noooo! I'm demoted to a vampire!"


"Well that's your problem, not mine. Toot-a-loo!"


"You will pay!"




So then, as in vampire form, Annabelle Lee killed the Food Fairy and was promoted back to ghost once more.


Then End.




Story 2


It was a dark and stormy night and Jason was having a bad day. First, he passed out in the middle of the sky, and woke up hitting the water. 


"Ooff" he said when he hit the water. "This is turning out to be a very bad day," Jason thought to himself. First all the rain made him pass out (the atmospheric pressure ruined his ability to stay awake) and then he woke up drowning in the ocean. "At least this whale is here," Jason thought. 


The whale slowly opened it's mouth, coming towards Jason; for it had not seen him. "I thought you would help me, not EAT ME!"


"Uggrrr.... I hate my life."


As soon as Hermes had seen this, he thought to himself, "See! KARMA!" He walked away and got blasted by lightning, then yelled, "Not again, stupid Karma you're ruining my life." 


The End.




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