Interview with Josh Redsun, winning photographer

By The Say-er of It

Winners of the 2014 Digital Photography Contest were invited to talk to the public about their work at Solano County Library’s 100 year anniversary celebration. We had a chance to interview these talented photographers at the event.

Claudia, by Josh Redsun

What inspired you to take this photo? 
I was on a photo shoot with Claudia and some other classmates. I liked the photo and wanted to change it to black and white. In post-processing I made the difference between the black and white really defined and drove up the contrast. I rented a 70-200 Canon with a 2.8 lens.


Why do you enjoy photography? 
I can’t draw, sing, or act but I gotta do something! I am the only Junior in my photo 2 class, everyone else is a Senior this year.


What does the library mean to you? 
The library is a base of knowledge.


Would you enter this contest again?
If I have new material to submit.


Would you encourage your friends to enter?
I guess. 


What would you say to them?
I won! I’m excited to see if I can win again next year.


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