Interview with Najm Phillips, winning photographer

By The Say-er of It

Winners of the 2014 Digital Photography Contest were invited to talk to the public about their work at Solano County Library’s 100 year anniversary celebration. We had a chance to interview these talented photographers at the event.

Lost Within a Hundred Stories by Najm Phillips


What inspired you to take this photo? 
I was in the school library looking for photos to capture for this contest. I saw something special in that moment, someone just lost in the world of stories and books. I added an effect of being in a daze by blurring the photo. I did this by turning the shutter speed down to introduce more light and held the camera in my hand for slight movement, which is where the blur came from.

Why do you enjoy photography?

Photography is a way to express myself. It is art. I have been into photography for years, but recently got my first camera, a DSLR. Before, I would just take photos with my camera phone. I’m not in any classes, but would like to take photo next year.

What does the library mean to you? 

The library is a place where you get to do things you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do. It’s a place to read books and magazines, relax in your free time, and even check out DVD’s and audiobooks.

Would you enter this contest again? Yes.

Would you encourage your friends to enter? Yes, if they like taking pictures. 

What would you say to them? 

“Just enter!”


NajmPhillips_get caught reading Lost Within A Hundred Stories

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