Interview with Gabrielle Tribelli, winning photographer

By The Say-er of It

Winners of the 2014 Digital Photography Contest were invited to talk to the public about their work at Solano County Library’s 100 year anniversary celebration. We had a chance to interview these talented photographers at the event.

Film on Fire by Gabrielle Tribelli

What inspired you to take this photo? 
I was doing a 365 project, where you take a photo every day for a year. I was in my room one night and the lava lamp was the only thing lighting up. I had recently developed a roll of film and I thought it looked cool to hold it up to the light. I liked the way it came out; I didn’t do any major editing, just contrast and brightening.

Why do you enjoy photography? 
I find it to be the easiest way to express myself. I can document every moment and keep creativity in the moment. What provokes me to take photos is capturing what most people don’t see in everyday life – shadows, reflections, lighting – I like to keep those things in my photos. I have been in photo classes at my school for the past two year, but have been interested in photography for about five years.

What does the library mean to you? 
My friends and I use the library as a meeting place for studying together. Without the library I wouldn’t be as studious; it’s good to have a quiet place to get together and get work done.

Would you enter this contest again? Yes.

Would you encourage your friends to enter? Yes 

What would you say to them? 
Well, some of my friends did enter. Our teacher, Ms. Hernandez, really encouraged us a lot. I think this was a great opportunity to show off the work we were proud of. I liked that there was a wide variety of categories so most photos fit. Also I like that it is for any level of photographer so everyone has a chance to win.


GabrielleTribelli_Film on Fire

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