Book Recommendations

By The Say-er of It

Book recommendations by Justin M. 

Title/Author: The Popularity Papers. The Rocky Road Trip / Amy Ignatow
Recommendation: I would recommend it to people who have traveled around the world.


Title/Author: Middle School. My Brother is a big fat liar/ James Patterson
Recommendation: I would recommend it to people who have annoying big brothers in their life.


Title/Author: Dork Diaries #8/ Rachel Renee Russell
Recommendation: Everybody should read this book it’s filled with drama.


Title/Author: You care too. Favorite poems for all ages/ Robert Frost
Recommendation: It relaxes you, they tell you something meaningful.


Title/Author: The Bill Martin Big Book of Poetry/ Eric Carte
Recommendation: It relaxes you and is filled with fun nursery rhymes.


Title/Author:  Middle School. Ultimate showdown/ James Patterson
Recommendation: You can write in it and it is a fun book to read.


Title/Author: The Red Pyramid/ Rick Riordan
Recommendation: If you’re a fun person get it, it’s good if you like mysteries


Title/Author: I even funnier/ JAmes Patterson
Recommendation: It is really funny


Book recommendation by Elijah M. 

Title/Author: Underwater welder/ Jeff Lemire
Recommendation: It was great and and a happy ending


Title/Author: What is it/ Lynda Barry
Recommendation: I didn’t like it too much because it creeped me out.


Title/Author: Cat Warrior
Recommendation: I didn’t like it because it was boring and had boring bad cat characters.


Title/Author: Wolverine/ Carry Hama
Recommendation: It’s a great book because its wolverine.

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