Debate Night at the Suisun City Library for Banned Books Week

By Jennifer La Riviere

Celebrate the freedom to read with a lively debate at the Suisun City Library this Tuesday, September 26 at 6pm. Teens from Armijo High School’s Junior Statesmen of America Club will present arguments on whether “13 Reasons Why” and  other books with controversial topics are helpful or harmful to teens. The audience will have an opportunity to vote prior and following the debate, and the winning team will be determined at the end of the event.


Banned Books Week is held by the American Library Association September 24-30 to recognize and encourage libraries and communities to allow the public access to materials without imposing censorship. People often act out of concern for youth when they cite issues like sex, violence, or other controversial themes when they object to a book being in the library. Libraries usually have policies in place to protect the rights of the public to read freely, and build collections that reflect many different views and perspectives.


The Suisun City Library is located at 601 Pintail Drive in Suisun.  For more information, visit or call 1-866-572-7587.




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