Celebration of African American History Month with Sharon McGriff-Payne


What              Celebration of African American History Month

                        with Sharon McGriff-Payne


Ms. McGriff-Payne will discuss Vallejo history with an emphasis on the 100th anniversary of Vallejo's NAACP, which is being celebrated this year.


Who               Sharon McGriff-Payne is the author of two books about regional African American history. Her books include “John Grider’s Century: African Americans in Solano, Napa and Sonoma Counties from 1845 to 1925” and “African Americans in Vallejo.” McGriff-Payne has lived in Vallejo most of her life; she has a deep love and curiosity about regional history. A former journalist, McGriff-Payne has spent the past decade exploring the early African American presence in Vallejo and the North Bay. She is currently working on a booklet of the early history of the Vallejo branch of the NAACP. She lives in Vallejo with her husband, Clarence.


Where            John F. Kennedy Library

                        Joseph Room

                        505 Santa Clara St.

                        Vallejo, CA 94590


When             Saturday, Feb. 3, 2 p.m.


More info      866-572-7587 – www.solanolibrary.com




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