By Kristen Murray

The Fairfield Cordelia Library will host the opening of a new Stay and Play Center on Wednesday, May 18. The festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. and will include a ribbon cutting ceremony, storytime and a special appearance by Kelly the Clown.  “We are expanding our pre-literacy and early literacy efforts to include play to learn elements in all our children’s libraries. The Fairfield Cordelia Library had a space that allowed us to pilot the effort in a more extensive way,” said Bonnie Katz, Solano County’s director of library services.  


The center, a partnership between Solano County Library and First Five Solano, is designed as a space for families to explore, imagine and have fun together.  “Playing and learning have always gone hand-in-hand at the library. This new center will encourage families to use toys and activities that promote the pre-reading development that children need before they go to school,”   said Katz. The center will be open during regular library hours and will include puppet play, dress up, science and art activities. Computers will also be available, including AWE early learning stations that feature educational and interactive games for children.


For more information please call 1-866-572-7587 or visit online at www.solanolibrary.com.




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