New poem from Vallejo

By The Say-er of It



The sky is red, the sun is black, I’m riding a rollercoaster but my mind is off track. There are lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, even kings placing crowns on the heads of clowns. But I really don’t care, life isn’t fair, god has given me a life I can hardly bear, but still, to ruin my life I do not dare.


Everyday I ask him, why can’t you share? My life is going, I just don’t know where, because a life like mine is kind of rare. What do I do, while there’s love in the air? Other people kiss while I just sit and stare, I look to my left and there’s nobody there, I look to my right and there’s a pair, people look at me funny, like there’s sand in my hair.


The clouds are red, the rain is black, I may have left but I’ll never be back, but what I can say is, there’s nothing I lack, my life already sucks, please cut me some slack. I look at the trees, I look at the sky, but what is the point when I just want to die? Why? Why do I try? When every time I fail all I do is cry. And how can I be calm when I’m jealous of every guy?


My heart is grounded, while my mind wants to fly, you can guess by what I write that I’m also kind of shy, why do I need them? All they do is lie. I try to be nice, but they just punch me in the eye, and when I’m upset, all they do is pry, my mind is plain, but seasoned, like a French fry.


The clouds are blue, the sky is white, my mind is racing faster than the speed of light, my life just gets worse, but I still have to fight, why am I like this? It’s just not right. Life is taller than me, I’m not it’s height, I fly through the sky, but still held to the ground, just like a kite, and why are people scared when they know I don’t bite?


You can tell me whole life, just by what I write, I sleep during the day, and fly through the night, and I’m pushing a boulder, with all my might. But I’m getting nowhere, my hands are bare; I love the dark, so give me a scare, I lost my mind and my soul, they were a pair.


Sometimes I just sit, just sit and think, think that I can’t end up in the brink, my mind is empty and cold, like a skating rink, I don’t care if people say I stink, because I already know that I’m their main link, I have a cup, but nothing to drink, and once it’s over, just like a ship my heart will sink, my mind wants to grow, while my heart wants to shrink.


The water is black, the sun is red, you can’t kill something that’s already dead, I jump off the bridge, I take the dive, you can’t kill something that was never alive. I’m steering my life, but I don’t know how to drive, everything gets quiet when I arrive.


I can’t think, because there’s nothing in my head, people call me a coward, just because I fled, what do I eat? Nothing but bread, other people feed, while I’m being fed.


Sometimes I cry, when I go to bed, I already know, that my heart you will shred. There’s nothing in my life, but the tears I shed, my heart is weighing me down, like it’s made of lead, I’m stuck in the past, like my name is Fred, what’s on my mind? Horror and dread, other people laughed while I sat and bled.


I don’t look around, I’m scared of what I will find, I see life in front of me, but I think I’m going blind, I fell in a trap, and now I’m stuck in a bind, and still nobody yet noticed that I’m going out of my mind. It’s been a while, since my contract was signed, and now my soul is black, my body already shined, why do people laugh? All I do is be kind, I already died, my heart flat lined.


The trees are black, the snow is red, don’t lie on me, because that’s not what I said. My mind keeps turning, my heart is burning, I keep making mistakes, so I don’t think I’m learning, my life is soft like butter, and god is churning. How can I be happy when misery keeps occurring? My life is mixed up, and I am stirring. I live in a shack, I peek through the crack, and when I look outside, all I see is black.

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Woah. Random but amazing and deep... Well done.



If anyone from the library reads this stuff, please show us how to post our own poems!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Ber Damoney

I agree with Tiggy. Awesome



Eh. Sort of random



How can I post my own?????



Beautiful!! I feel like this so often.




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