Solano County Library Revamped Overdrive




Overdrive Revamped FAQ


Why is this happening?

Solano County Library wants to offer more holds and checkouts! We are changing our Overdrive branding to include our library’s colors and logo. We are also transferring almost 2,000 titles from our recently discontinued cloudLibrary account into Overdrive.


How many holds and checkouts will I have?

You will be able to have up to 15 holds and can checkout up to 15 titles. Additionally, you can suggest up to 15 titles for purchase in a 30 day period.


When does the revamp go into effect?

July 1, 2020 is when this will take place. This is important because you’ll want to download titles checked out by June 30, 2020 so that you don’t lose them on July 1 if they’re not a title we own. As long as we own them, your holds will also successfully move over. Any items checked out and downloaded prior to July 1 will still be available for you to enjoy for the remainder of the loan period


What if a title we don’t own is one I want?

Our collection development library staff is actively monitoring holds for titles we do no currently own and are purchasing them to prevent you from losing you holds. If we miss a few last minute holds, please submit a request for purchase through Overdrive.


Will I be able to login normally on July 1?

You will have to re-login the first time you login on or after July 1. After logging in your account should look almost the same as before.


How do I access Overdrive with these changes?

Once July 1 arrives you will use this link:

You will login and select ‘Solano County Library’ and enter your library card number.


I don’t have a library card, but I only want to use Overdrive. Is this possible?

Yes! You may sign up for an instant digital card through Overdrive with your cell phone number. The mobile number must have a billing zip code in Solano County for the registration to be successful. The instant digital card, which is valid for three years, does not work for other library resources. 




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