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Small Business Reference Center
Get information and advice on small business and many other common business topics. Includes videos providing business owners with informative interviews, ‘lessons learned,’ lectures and ‘how to’ instructions.


Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO)
A full-text newspaper database with a collection of thousands of national, international, state and local newspapers.


Newswires (EBSCO)
Find near real-time full-text access to top world-wide news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis.


Web News (EBSCO)
Get access to top near real-time news feeds from around the globe of over 14,000 feeds covering a range of business and general news topics.



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Business Bestsellers




General information: investing, news, stock quotes, rate calculations and more. 


Business search:
This search provides access to domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations, limited liability company and limited partnership information of record with the California Secretary of State.


Suppliers:    Manufacturers, distributors, and service companies.    Business-to-business supplier search engine.


Starting a small business: workshops, training, counseling 
Solano College Small Business Development Center Small Business Liaison


Corporate contact information and CEO names: 


Definitions of terms: 


Local demographic and development information:


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