Curious People Contribute to Science

Millions of people enjoy science and nature, while thousands of scientists need volunteers. When regular citizens begin participating in data collection, analyzing, and testing, the general term for this is Citizen Science.

Solano County Library has some exciting plans for a Citizen Science Kit you will be able to borrow (coming soon!), and webinars that people of all ages and teachers in classrooms can enjoy.


Current event: COVID-19 pandemic

We all know we are staying at home to flatten the curve, but we can help in more ways that just social distancing and hand-washing. Help researchers solve this real life pandemic by doing simple things like reporting your own data and playing computer games. You can do these projects from home, or incorporate them into your classroom.

Join these projects and help accelerate COVID research so scientists can develop a cure!

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Citizen Science projects you can do from your backyard!


NASA Juno Mission

Did you miss the informative and interesting talk on Jupiter by Solar System Ambassador, Salem Emara? Want to keep up with what’s going on in with the Juno mission currently in orbit around Jupiter? Salem has kindly provided this list of websites and social media sites that will help you keep track of NASA’s mission to Jupiter.


Playing games allows you to contribute your own findings

Looking for more? Check out the citizen science projects at the following resource sites