Computer Registration & Scheduling


Effective July 1, 2005 you must bring your library card to logon to an Internet Computer.


What is Available?


Microsoft Office and Internet are available at all the branches, please contact us for more information.


Reserve a Computer


Solano County Library has implemented online computer registration and scheduling. The scheduling system applies only to Internet/word processing computers. This system will let customers reserve time on computers in any of our Libraries and controls the length of sessions on them. Use your library card to reserve a computer.


Simple, automated signups at any Branch Library or online from your home or office computer.


Reservations can only be made by the cardholder, and the workstation reserved can only be used by the cardholder.


Sign-ups are easy with your library card. Get one today, free!


Library fines don’t affect computer/Internet privileges.


Please read our Internet Access and Use Policy. This applies to all Internet users.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the computer reservation system work?


It lets you reserve time on computers at any of Solano County Library’s eight branches. It controls the length of sessions, so you can be assured that when you arrive at your scheduled time, a computer will be available for you. Computer time is reserved; you cannot book a specific computer. Every branch will have at least one computer used exclusively for making computer reservations.


Why is Solano County Library using computer scheduling software?


Computers and the Internet are extremely popular resources. This computer scheduling software allows the library to give everyone equal access to the computers, making the resources available to more people.


Why do I need a library card to use the Internet?


Computers and the Internet are extremely popular resources. The Library uses the computer scheduling software to give everyone equal access to the computers. This software manages the library's computer booking by customer library card number and pin number. Requiring a library card will ensure equitable service and ensure privacy for our customers.


How do I get a PIN number?


You will need both a library account number and a unique personal identification number in order to book a computer and to log on to your session. You will select a PIN number when you register for a library card. If you forget your PIN number, ask staff for assistance.


Are all computers controlled by the computer scheduling system?


No, some of the computers are designated for Library Catalog and online databases only. These may not be reserved; however they can be used to reserve other computers throughout the library system.

If I just walk into the library, can I still get on the Internet?


Yes. If you have your library card and there are available computers, it is not necessary to make a reservation.


Am I required to have a library card?


Yes. Every library card holder is entitled to reserve and use computers for up to two hours per day. Visitors, temporary residents and others without a library card should see a library staff person for assistance. A library card is required to advance book a computer.


How long can I use a computer?


The sessions are for either one 30-minute or one 60-minute session at a time, with a limit of two sessions per day. The Fairfield, Vacaville and the JFK branch in Vallejo all offer extended time limits in their computer labs.


Does the library track what I am looking at on the Internet because I’m using my library card?


No. When your session ends and you log off, the system automatically deletes from the computer hard drive all information about any Internet sites you visited.


Can I make multiple reservations at once?


Yes. The system allows two active reservations per day.


How far in advance can I reserve a computer?


You can reserve a computer for today and up to 3 days in advance. You can do this at the Library or from your home computer. Your Solano County Library card number will be required.


What if I am late for my reservation?


You are allowed a 10-minute grace period. If you do not sign on within that time, the computer that has been reserved for you becomes available for another user.


When I logged on, the computer indicated that I only had a few minutes available. Why don’t I have more time?


This means that the computer you logged onto is reserved for another patron in a few minutes, or that you have already used most of your time for the day.


Can I get up and go to other places in the library during my session, without being logged out?


Yes. There is a “standby” option, which gives you 10 minutes away from the PC. You must log in again when you come back to the computer. If you walk away without logging off, the system logs off automatically after five minutes of inactivity.


How will I know when my session is ending?


You will receive warnings at six minutes and two minutes before the end of the session. When the session is over the system automatically logs out. Before the system logs out, you should save your data to a flash drive.