Solano County Library 3M Cloud Ebook Collection FAQs



3M Cloud has a very informative FAQ section that will answer most customer questions regarding downloading the app and ebook titles.  The FAQs are on the Support tab at:



Specific Solano Library 3M Cloud FAQs are:


What types of ebooks are included in the 3M collection?

The collection consists of a range of current bestselling and popular fiction and non-fiction, including some young adult titles.

What is the loan period for 3M Cloud ebooks?

Ebooks check out for 21 days.

How many ebooks can I have checked out at one time?

You may have up to 4 ebooks checked out at any one time.

Can I return an ebook early?


Can I renew an ebook that I have checked out?

No, there is no renewal feature.  If a book is on hold for someone else, it will automatically transfer to the next person when you return it or your due date passes.  If the book is not on hold for someone else, you can check it out again.

How many ebooks can I have on hold at one time?

You may have up to 4 holds at any one time.

How many days do I have to check out an ebook once my hold has been activated?

You have up to 4 days to check out an ebook once the hold has been activated.

Can I cancel a hold?

Yes.  To cancel a hold, go to the “My Books” page in your account and click on “Holds.” From your list of holds, click on the title that you would like to remove.  Click the “Remove from Hold” button to delete your hold.

How am I notified that my hold is ready?

In the 3M app under the Settings tab, you can opt in to receive an email notification when a title on hold becomes available.  You can update the email address the notification is sent to at any time.  If you don’t set up this notification, you will get a message in the app informing you the title is ready.  The title will show up in the “My Books” tab under “Reading” instead of “Holds”.

I had to replace my old library card and now have a new card number. Will this impact my 3M Cloud titles and holds?

Yes.  If you get a new library card number, you need to call the Library at 866-572-7587 and let staff know this immediately.  They will report the change to 3M and have your account transferred to the new number. You will need to provide them with the old library card number as well.  You should do this before you download any more ebooks so you don’t wipe out your existing titles and holds.

Are eaudiobooks included in the SCL 3M Cloud collection?

Not at this time.

Can customers recommend titles for the 3M ebook collection?

Not at this time.

Can anyone check out 3M ebooks?

No.  You must have a valid Solano County Library library card.

Can I check out 3M Cloud ebooks on my Kindle?

You can check out ebooks using your Kindle Fire after downloading the 3M Cloud Kindle Fire app.  Unfortunately, you cannot access the 3M Cloud collection on older Kindle devices.




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