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Growing up is not always easy in Hard Pan, California, population 43. Ten year old Lucky lives in a series of metal trailers with her guardian Brigitte and her beloved dog, HMS Beagle. Brigitte came all the way from France to take care of Lucky when her mom died suddenly and her dad walked out. Lucky’s biggest fear is that Brigitte will return to France forcing Lucky into an orphanage without her dog and her friends. When she discovers Brigitte's suitcase with her passport on top, she becomes convinced that Brigitte will abandon her and return to France.

When she is not worrying about Brigitte leaving, Lucky spends time exploring the desert around Hard Pan and adding to her bug collection. She wants to be a scientist just like Charles Darwin. She spends time with her friends Lincoln, who is an avid knot tier and expected by his mother to be the president when he grows up, and Miles, a five year old whose favorite book is "Are You My Mother?" Another way she spends her time and makes some extra money is cleaning up after the 12 Step groups that meet at Hard Pan’s Found Object Wind Chime Museum. It is while eavesdropping on one of the meetings that she hears members talking about finding their higher power. She is intrigued and convinced that if she can find her higher power she can convince Brigitte to stay.

Will Lucky find her higher power? Will Brigitte find reason to stay in the tiny town of Hard Pan? To find out more about Lucky and her adventures read The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron.

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