How We Grow @ the Library

Solano County Library can be a great starting place for educational and personal growth. Every day visitors find job search tools, help with reading and writing skills, homework assistance, ideas for a new hobby, and more . . . so many ways to grow and blossom!

Read about the ways people are using the library to help them grow.

About 8 years ago I needed to find out more about prosthetic limbs, and there weren't a lot of books that were useful. When I found one I wanted to read it was too expensive for me to buy on my own, so I suggested to the JFK library to consider buying it. The book is "Living With a Below Knee Amputation" and was full of valuable information. I kept going back and checking it out again and again once the library owned it. Thank you for taking my suggestion all those years ago, it really helped me.

Jen L, Vallejo, Ca.


I grew up in the JFK Library located in Vallejo, CA and I had the privileged of watching the library improve and grow to allow me and others to have access to more resources and information. I was not always considered a great reader or one to read a lot. Over the past few years I have ate books (a few/month) thanks to having access to an updated catalog system, where I can browse "Librarian Picks" and various reading lists, as well as, watch popular DVDs (academic and documentaries) and listen to Audiobooks of interest. In addition, tools that allow for access to E-books, E-Journals, and other electronic resources that allow for professional research, has assisted in my professional writing growth. On the other hand, I am interested in learning a new language. I find the library system lacking in support in this area. I am hoping that in the future we can have access to software such as "Rosetta Stone". Therefore, please, continue to update the online catalog and the books in circulation. Please continue to provide and grow the access to professional publications for research purposes. Plus, please provide for more academic study of languages. Thank you for all of your hard work in transforming this library system from 10-20 years ago! 

~Tiffany B, Vallejo Ca.


I can give away all those paperbacks I have been collecting since the 1970s, and buy new used books I have never seen before! Having fun and helping the library. 

~Lucia D, Rio Vista Ca.


For me the library has always been about attaining knowledge. If knowledge was a religion, the library would be my temple. I think since the day I was born I just wanted to know everything. When I am surrounded by the rows of books I always feel like I'm in a place higher than myself, but likewise, I feel I’m in a place where there is no limit to how much I can know or learn to do. Every thought from all lands, from any period of time, for every subject printed on paper, stored on media, or published online; it is all here to keep me growing. 

~Katrina, Dixon Ca.


My boyfriend and I like to read the same book and discuss it. We read everything- from financial news to baseball. He buys his books, I borrow mine from the library. While I think we are both growing with our own little book club, my cashflow is growing too.  

~Ann, Fairfield Ca.


The library helps me grow by exposing me to new ideas. 

~Jason, Fairfield Ca.


Recently, I switched to a Gluten-Free diet. I had no idea what gluten was let alone what I should avoid eating! Thankfully, I was able to use the LS2 app on my smartphone to search for library materials. I was able to place alot of interesting cookbooks on hold. These books are helping me learn what food staples to have in my pantry as well as how to reinvent recipes to make them gluten free. Thank you! :) 

~Nefertari, Fairfield Ca.


The Library website's extensive research section helps me grow as it has access to many learning tools that also enriches my life. 

~J, Fairfield Ca.


The children and the families I meet at my storytimes remind me every week what I love about my job. They help me grow by showing me how much they love to hear stories and sing songs and are excited to come back for more. Their energy helps me cultivate a fun and exciting activity which is the best part of my job. Thank you Preschool storytime families! 

~Ms. Rose, Fairfield Ca.