News and Current Events

General OneFile (Gale)
News and periodical articles on a wide range of general interest topics including art and humanities, social sciences, pure sciences, sports, and hobbies.

Infotrac Newsstand
A full-text newspaper database with a collection of thousands of national, international, state and local newspapers.

MasterFile Complete (EBSCO)
A comprehensive collection of full-text journals, magazines and trade publications of general interest topics including business, health, education, general science, and multicultural issues. 

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Presents data on an assortment of current debated social issues for students to research, analyze and organize on both pro and con standpoints.

Zinio - The World's Largest Newsstand
Check out, download and enjoy whole digital editions of full color popular magazines on your computer or mobile device. First-Time User Guide


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Updated August 2013