Researching Your Family Tree (library access only)
A genealogy resource with access to historical records and family trees for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. 

Heritage Quest
Genealogical database with access to census data, family records and local histories.

Beginner Guides Online

Family Search
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Local Resources
Genealogy Society of Vallejo-Benicia
Solano County Archives
Solano County Genealogical Society 
Rio Vista Museum
Solano County Historical Society 
Vacaville Heritage Council

National Resources
Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet

Genealogical Journeys in Time
Genealogical Research at the National Archives

Land Record Reference 

National Genealogical Society 

Roots-L Library 

USGenWeb Project 

Other links you may find interesting

Land Patent Search 

Olive Tree Genealogy 

Research in England, Scotland and Ireland…


Updated March 2012