Be a Summer Reading Challenge Star!



Are you a creative soul with your head in the clouds? Do you spend your time speculating on the solar system?


Submit your celestial-inspired artwork to the library. Just use #SRCStar on social media. You could win tickets for a family of four to visit the Solano County Fair (August 2-6).




You will also receive a certificate and recognition at the August 17 Solar Eclipse Party at the Vacaville Public Library - Town Square, with other distinguished guests. Just share your artwork between June 12-July 16 and register for the Summer Reading Challenge.



Solar Eclipse


For the first time since 1979, on August 21, North America will be able to view a total solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon lines up directly in between the sun and earth. For those directly in the path of the eclipse, it will appear that the moon completely covers up and blocks out the sun. It’s a spectacular thing to see!


In California we will only get to see a partial eclipse, which is still something pretty special, and is worth celebrating. You can learn more about the solar eclipse or check our online catalog for books about the solar system.


The Solar Eclipse Party is one of many summer events designed to promote summer reading and STEM education through the NASA @ My Library grant.


Find out about more programs and information on the NASA @ My Library grant.



Get Creative


Read books and look to the stars and solar system for inspiration, and share your wonderful creations with us. It could be anything space related: design your own constellation, paint a realistic picture of Jupiter, write a haiku about life on Mars, or create a meme about the solar eclipse – whatever you like! The decision is yours.





Multiple methods to enter:




Winning photos should best represent the Library and its values of exploration, inspiration, growth, and discovery.

  • Tickets for a family of four to attend Solano County Fair

  • Award and recognition at the Solar Eclipse Party at Vacaville Town Square Library on Thursday, August 17 at 4 p.m.


"I hated school. It's embarrassing when your peer would correct your spelling paper and you had practically nothing...The literacy program has really helped me by encouraging me. I never got that when I was a kid."

- Ron

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