Dave Marianno

By Megan

Dave Marianno

Dave Marianno and his twin brother Frank were born in San Francisco. The Marianno brothers moved to Fairfield in 1934 and they lived out in the country until 1940.

They moved into the city and went to school at the Falls District School in Green Valley. It was very small, with first grade through eighth grade - only 32 kids altogether – in a one-room classroom.

From 1948 through 1952, Dave attended Armijo High School. That’s when he and his brother bought and shared their very first car. This was a very big thing back then because most people who had cars were employees and not high school kids. Most local car owners were people who worked to cut fruit and had to drive the fruit to the fruit dryers. Nobody else really felt that they needed a car, Dave explained. They simply rode the bus or walked to wherever they were going. The Marianno brothers were different, though. Dave and Frank liked to get old cars, fix them up and try to keep them running.

In addition to fixing up old cars, the twins also liked to play baseball and basketball. Dave played on the football team when he attended Armijo, too. Since the schools were so small, they used to have to combine grades to complete teams. A lot of things in Fairfield were like that – very small.

When he was growing up, Dave’s favorite baseball team was a local team known as the “Sacramento Solons.”

Since everything was so small, everyone in Fairfield knew everyone else in Fairfield. That made it a lot safer and easier on parents because if they didn’t know where their kids were, they knew that someone else that they could trust was watching out for them. They also knew who their kids were hanging out with, so they didn’t need to worry so much.

When Dave looked back on this arrangement, he saw the benefits. Life was ideal.