Solano Stories from California of the Past

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Storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation as a way of keeping history alive. We all have our favorite stories that we enjoy hearing when friends and family gather together. What if we could continue listening to these stories anytime we wanted with a simple click? With digital storytelling, this is possible. Digital storytelling provides the technology to interview and record historical moments that may have otherwise been lost. Solano County Library has been given the opportunity to participate in a project called California of the Past. This project will ensure that the storytellers and pieces of California’s history will never be forgotten.


Preserving Yesterday by Brian Irwin


Times Change While People Stay the Same by Barbara Braker


98 Yards to a Record Touchdown by Bill Powell


Airbase Defense Training by Francisco Martinez

Remembering Lena by Phyllis Hutson


100th Anniversary of Mare Island by Lou Burgelin


Clothes Can Mark The Man by Cliff Swartz


1958 Before Change by Verla Chaddick


My Little Blue Bug by Ron Thorpe


Hilltop Kids: Golden Gate Recreation Area by James A. Smith Jr.


Vallejo Fire of 1961 by Lois Bareilles


A Place Where I Belong by Ilse Wurzbach


The History of Water in Solano County by Richard L. Wood, Jr.


Memorable Travels in California by Marie Gjersee


My World of Work by Herise Francis


New Beginnings by Victoria Pena


Open Doors by Cathy Perez


Just Beginning by Kamra Jacobs


California of the Past is supported in whole or in part by a California State Library grant supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum & Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian with services provided by Media Arts Center San Diego. For more information go to Digital Story Station -