2016 Strategic Plan


The Solano County Library is preparing a strategic plan that will guide the Library's activities for the next five years. Preparing the strategic plan is an interactive process that will solicit public and staff input about the future of library services in Solano County.


Methods for soliciting public input include a telephone survey, website surveys, community forums, focused conversations, one-on-one interviews, and stakeholder interviews, among others.





The project commenced in June 2016. It is scheduled for completion in January 2017. Project management activities including collecting various information is being undertaken during the summary of 2016. Public input will be gathered during Summer and Fall 2016. The strategic plan will be prepared in Winter 2016. See the Project Roadmap for more information.


Project Roadmap


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Project Background


Public Input


We welcome public input.

  • Email us. If you would like to provide your input directly to us, please send an email to the following address: solano@librarystrategy.com. Emails sent to this address are private and will not be shared with the Library administration.


Over the last few months, the Library has obtained the following forms of input for the strategic planning process:


  • A telephone survey for local residents (offered in both English and Spanish)
    (completed September 2016)

  • Stakeholder interviews (to be completed October 2016)

  • Community focus groups (to be completed October 2016)

  • An online survey for the public (completed September 2016)

  • An online survey for Library staff members (completed September 2016)

  • An online survey for elected and appointed officials (completed September 2016)




Mark Fink
Deputy Director of Library Services