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Teen Tech Photo Contest Winners

By Katrina 03/07/14 at 3:59PM

Congratulations to Sabrina Pierantoni for becoming the grand prize winner of the theme 'From the Printed Page to the Digital Age' for her photograph 'Pop of Color.'


Congratulations to the following teens who won in each of our 10 categories. Take a look at their winning photographs.

Editing/Effects: Sabrina Pierantoni (Grand Prize Winner)
Catch all: Gabrielle Tribelli
Design: Katie Walker
Nature/Landscapes: Alicia Cauthen
People: Josh Redsun
Transportation: Sabrina Pierantoni
Flowers: Katie Walker
Close up: Ashley Falconer
Animals: Zoe Martin
Get Caught Reading: Najm Phillips


Solano County Library would like to thank all the creative teens who particpated in this year's contest submitting over 300 amazing photographs! Stop by our Flickr site and see the work of all of our contestants.


"Pop of Color" by Sabrina Pierantoni


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Photo Title: Life is a Canvas

By The Say-er of It 02/28/14 at 11:31AM

 Claudia D
Angelo Rodriguez High School
Self Portrait
Life is a Canvas 

We all start off the same, given a life that we take into our own hands to do what we please. This picture represents me reflecting on my life. At moments it can look like complete and utter chaos. But as humans, our lives are canvases, and our experiences, good or bad, paint who we are, and who we become. Eventually as we take a step back and look at all the “paint splattered experiences” we begin to notice that those bad experiences blend in with the good to create a painting of who we are.


By Madison on 03/01/14 at 11:42AM
By Sierra Joy on 03/04/14 at 10:26PM
The picture is gorgeous, but the description was the best part.
By Bella on 04/10/14 at 8:36PM
Wow!Totally cool!Love the picture!
By Bella Jasmine on 04/10/14 at 8:44PM
Wow! Love it real peice of art;)

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Teen Photo Contest Entry

By The Say-er of It 02/25/14 at 10:13AM

Photo by Amanda
Category: Cool Effects or Editing
Senior at Rodriguez High School

Optimized-AmandaDamelio_effects haunted house.jpg
Amanda included this story about her photo:
My friends and I went on an adventure around our neighborhood and came across an old, abandoned house. The house was falling to pieces and each step we took, we feared that we would fall through the floor. We joked around saying that the house was haunted but the more we stayed inside of the house, the stranger things got. Whenever I tried to focus my camera in certain spots of the house, it just would not work (I thought my camera was broken, until I went outside and pointed it to other areas of the house and it worked perfectly fine). Then, I brought a doll as a prop, an ordinary plastic children's doll that I placed on the floor of a room that appeared to once be a young girl's room. When I went to retrieve the doll to use for a picture, it looked different. The hands of the doll began to turn green and the lighting in the room was slightly dimmer. It was then when I decided that I wanted to have fun with my idea of the "haunted house."

I set up my friend by a half broken window and had my other friend place her hands in a bunch of different locations, symbolizing that the spirits were trapped inside of this house and cannot get out. I added a gradient to the window to make it look older, added cracks to the "ghosts" arms, and accentuated the darkness by turning it to black and white.

Thanks for the great photo and the story! There is still time to send your photo contest entries to Get your photo in before 9pm on Monday March 3rd to win! 


By Madison on 03/01/14 at 11:43AM
That is coo to see!
By Hanna on 04/10/14 at 8:39PM
That was super thinking.Also I LOVE the picture you made!
By Bella Jasmine on 04/10/14 at 8:45PM
Love what u did!u did a grand job!!!!!!!!!!;)
By shelby on 04/14/14 at 10:44AM
By shelby on 04/14/14 at 10:46AM
nice job looks scar

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Happy Valentine's Day

By Katrina 02/14/14 at 9:00AM


By angelina on 02/18/14 at 12:32PM
aww so cute I am going to start saying that
By Ashmeet Bedi on 02/19/14 at 6:08PM

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Teen Digital Photography Contest

By Katrina 01/22/14 at 12:31PM

Start submitting your photos to to enter our photography contest. Get all the details.


Teen Tech Photo Contest 2014 - Last Years Winner 

Photo by Kison Scarpace, winner of the 2013 Teen Digital Photography Contest


By lacee on 02/22/14 at 11:02AM
soooooooooooo cool!!
By Bella on 04/10/14 at 8:42PM
Spechless! WOW!!!!!!!!!!It looks soooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!

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