Solano Teen Magazine October 2007


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The Prize-Winning Issue

Issue 1, Volume 1

October 2007

Submit your written work.


Articles are works of non-fiction 1500 words or less. Think of this as a newspaper article or a magazine article. Have you interviewed someone interesting? Seen something in your town that you just have to talk about. Try an article.


Seen a good movie or play? Heard a great new band? What about books? Read any of those lately? Tell your peers about all of your literary adventures! Please keep your reviews to 150 words or less.

Stories and Poems

Fiction, poetry, made up adventures in your very own alternate universe. All of these sorts of things belong in stories. Try to keep your verbosity down to 1500 words or less.


Digital images of photographs or drawings. So, anything from a picture of your adorable new puppy drinking water out of a quirky looking bowl to a drawing of some fantastic manga hero belongs here.

Tickle Your Funny Bone

Jokes and other joyous jollies.


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