Short Stories 2008

Fiction, tales that will make us laugh and cry, made up adventures in your very own alternate universe. All of these sorts of things belong in stories. Try to keep your verbosity down to 1500 words or less.

Fairfield Civic Center Library

Short Story by Bryanna C.

The Evil Pudding Cup by Andrew L.

Short Story by Shelbi R.

Lady Laryn by Esther S.

John F Kennedy Library

I just wanted to write by Jennifer

Springstowne Library

My Name is Joyce by Ariana L.

Short Story by Queenisha W.

Vacaville Cultural Center

Leaving me Behind

Story by Alexis B

Story by Amanda D

Faceless by Matthew C

Strawberry Shortcake by Madison R

Hip Hop Has a Meaning by Chantara G

Story by Aubrianna G

Vacaville Town Square

Quiet Midnight World by Stephanie D