Articles 2009

Articles are works of non-fiction 1500 words or less. Think of this as a newspaper article or a magazine article. Have you interviewed someone interesting? Seen something in your town that you just have to talk about. Try an article.

Fairfield Civic Center Library

My Biggest Dream by Ana

Armijo is the Best

My Biggest Dream by Desharrah

Who I Admire by Frankie

Who I Admire by Gigi

Have You Ever Realized What Kind of Life You Have?

If I Owned the Dallas Cowboys

World Issue by Jazzi

My Biggest Dream by Justin

Michael Phelps by Justin L.

Three Wishes by Mousheen

Our Goals

Our Life Choices

Three Wishes by Rachel

Leukemia by Rassim C.

What if Someone You Knew Never Came Back?

Fairfield Cordelia Library

Article by Lydia

Vacaville Public Library Cultural Center

Essay by April 

Submission Type: article by Pamela A