Stories and Poems


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Fairfield Civic Center Library

Short Stories

Firegard: The Guardian of Fire - First Place

Christmas Nightmare - Second Place

Short Story


Just Because - First Place

A Crow's Delight - Second Place

The Can Thief

I Like to Draw


The Kite

That Last Kiss


Fairfield Cordelia Library

Short Stories

A Lesson Unforgotten -- First Place

No Title -- Second Place


You Noe-- First Place

Can You Hear Me? -- Second Place

Can You Imagine


John F. Kennedy Library

Short Story

First Place Winner


The Dancer I Should Have Been - First Place

Whisper - Second Place

Final Control


When We Fly to Heaven

Springstowne Library

Short Stories

Wind - First Place

The Witch - Second Place


If I (inspired by Langston Hughes) - First Place

Human Beings

A Puff of Pink

A Student's Summer

Study of an Old Hat (After Wallace Stevens)

I Am

Suisun City Library

Short Story

Retelling of Haunted - Second Place


Dance - First Place

Summertime - Second Place

Vacaville Public Library - Cultural Center

Short Stories

The Fly - First Place

Into the Deep End - Second Place

It Was a Dream... Or Was It?

A Time to Fly


Mother - First Place

Clouds - Second Place


Wildest Horses of the Elements

Mahogony Sunset

Vacaville Public Library - Town Square

Short Stories

Flash Fiction - First Place

A Story - Second Place

The Boston Massacre


Within These Moments - First Place

Physics: the laws of me and you - Second Place

These Poems Were Hidden Between the Pages of a Book - Special Recognition

These Four Walls


In a Car

A Medley of Bizzarely Unconnected Poems About Love

I Stand on the Sandy Shore

Tears from the Heavens

What's Left to Do?