Election and Voter Information



General Information

Voters Edge: Get facts about your vote

California Secretary of State


Includes links to help voters look up their voter registration status, find their polling place and early voting opportunities, and learn about their rights as voters.

Voter Information Guide
Candidate statements, Proposition explanations, Justices information and online registration


Solano County Voter Registration Office and Contact

Registrar of Voters

Contact: Ira Rosenthal

Phone: (707) 784-6675 or (888) 933-VOTE (8683)

Email: elections@solanocounty.com

Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Address: 675 Texas St. Suite 2600, Fairfield CA 94533

Website: Solano County Registrar of Voters

(Note: For online registrations, go to the California of Secretary of State’s online form)


Voters with Disabilities

General Information

Ordering Large Print or Audio of the Voter Information Guide

Telephone Assistance

Voter assistance hotlines
Find the phone number under the language you need assistance


California Election Deadlines

California Secretary of State website.

Includes: Election Date; Deadline to register to vote; Deadline to request a ballot to vote by mail; deadline for ballots including Vote-by-Mail Ballots

Also available on the Voter Information Guide page on the left side bar under “Dates to Remember”

Voting in Solano County


New Voters


  • Best place to start is the California Secretary of State New Voters page
    Use the links on the left to guide you.

  • Figuring out the party that suits you best

    • - Option 1: Political party statements of purpose on the California General Election site

    • - Option 2: Search online for the party of your choice with the term “platform” 
        (examples:  “Republican Party Platform” or “Democratic Party Platform”)
        The party platform will list or explain the values of the party




Checking to see if you are already registered


  • Voter Registration Status Lookup

    • - It will ask for your house #, birthday, and zip code. After pressing submit it will respond immediately

    • - If you are not registered it will tell you: **You are not registered in Solano County**

    • - If you are registered it will tell you:  You are registered in Solano County as a [political preference is said here] Voter




If you are registered and need to modify address, your name or change political party preference


Fill out the a paper or online registration form

(See section Getting Registered, Re-registered or Modifying Registration)



Getting Registered, Re-registered or Modifying Registration


Places to find voter registration application

  • The Registrar of Voters Office located at 675 Texas Street, Suite 2600 Fairfield, California 94533.

  • All offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles,

  • City clerks offices

  • Public libraries

  • Post offices

  • Persons may also call the Registrar of Voters at (707)-784-6675, (888)-933-VOTE (8683) or the Secretary of  State at 1-(800)-345-VOTE and a registration form will be mailed to you.



Where to drop-off paper registration form

Solano County Registrar of Voters
675 Texas St. Suite 2600
Fairfield CA 94533



Registering online


  1. 1. Go to the Online Voter Registration page

  2. 2. Read all the information on the page before proceeding to the online form



Assistance filling out the registration form




Last day to register- Places to find the information



Applying to vote by mail


  • On the voter registration card the vote-by-mail option is question 15

  • If you are already registered complete the Vote-by-Mail online form.






Filling out the Ballot

How to mark your Vote-by-Mail Ballot


Vote-by-Mail Status

Check to see if your ballot has been received using the Vote-by-Mail Ballot Status Lookup form


Find your polling place

You can call the automated system at 707-784-6675

Your polling place name and address are located on the front of your sample ballot.

Deciding Who or What to Vote On


Finding your district


1. Follow directions and fill out the following form.

   2. The form will immediately post back to you a list of every district that applies to your city and



Finding your representatives


1. Go the Secretary of State’s Who are my Representatives page.

2. Choose which representative you want to find out.

3. Follow the guides or forms.



Researching and Deciding on Candidates


Where to watch debates you missed

C-Span Online - Find the series of videos for the current campaign


Advice from The League of Women Voters


Candidate Websites

1. Do a google search for the name of the candidate.

2. Look for an official website with their name.



Researching Propositions


Begin with the California Voter Guide Propositions page

  • Click to choose a proposition – you will first be presented with a general overview and what it means to vote yes or no

  • Look on the left side bar to find links to more indebt information on that proposition including: analysis, arguments and rebuttals, and the text of the proposed law



1. Use the menu to start.

2. Look up ballot measures by federal, state, local, or election

3. Look through the various menu bars to choose the upcoming election date if available then narrow down to state than local.



Other Helpful Resources

How to Vote by Mail or Absentee in All 50 States


  • “In the Find your Own Election” box enter your street address, zip code, and pick the election date.

  • There will be Covers all the candidates, initiatives, and issues applicable to your area.


FactCheck.org – Allows you to check whether claims in arguments are true or false

  • Use the Party Lines page to find out the misleading talking points used by each party

  • Use the Players Guide page to see who is trying to use influence over the election

Updated: 11/14/2018




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