Photograph 51
Award-winning play focuses on the often-overlooked role of X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin in the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA.




When Janey Comes Marching Home
A powerful record of first-person accounts from dozens of military women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, accompanied by vivid full-color portraits.



Women In Space
Details of the stories of nineteen amazing women from across the globe who overcame obstacles of prejudice to fly in space.




Mad Women
Maas’s humorous yet authoritative account of her life in advertising during the Mad Men era is a welcome look behind the curtain into a traditionally male world.




Dorothea Lange
Known for her powerful images from the Great Depression, including the haunting “Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange bore witness as young America matured into a world power.




Frida Kahlo
Behind Frida Kahlo’s portraits, lies the story of both her life and work. Rarely can we learn so much about an artist from what she records inside the picture frame.








Filmmaker Ken Burns tells the story of jazz — the quintessential American art form. JAZZ, first broadcast in 2001, features thousands of rare archival music, photos and video clips.




Great Women Singers of the 20th century
Sarah Vaughan is seen during the mid-80s in a rare live performance, appearing comfortable, humorous and singing beautifully several of her classic songs including "Misty" and "Send In The Clowns."




The inspiring story of how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in our country’s history.




Hidden Figures
Three brilliant African-American women at NASA, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.




Maya Angelou
This film celebrates Dr. Maya Angelou by weaving her words with rare and intimate archival photographs and videos, which paint hidden moments of her life during some of America’s most defining moments.




Harper Lee
Sift through the facts and speculation surrounding Lee and both her novels, with interviews of close friends, admirers including Oprah Winfrey, and more.








The girl in the show
For fans of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer and other funny women, an exploration in the connection between comedy and  women's liberation.




Alice Neel
The unforgettable story of a woman who forged a permanent place in the pantheon by courageously flaunting convention, both in her life and her work.




200 Women
Interviews with 200 women from a variety of backgrounds provide a snapshot of female life around the globe.




Ella Fitzgerald
A remarkable story of a poor black girl's determination to realize the American Dream in the face of racial and sexual prejudice.




Ink and Paint
The history of innovation through the lens of the women who brought ink and paint to life in Disney’s animation studios.




Identity Unknown
An award-winning writer rescues seven first-rate twentieth-century women artists from oblivion--their lives fascinating, their artwork a revelation.




Billie Holiday
A riveting and thorough account of Billie Holiday and her times.




Queen of Bebop
A detailed look at a fearless singer who constantly moved into new musical territories and left a legacy for younger musicians.




Making Contact
The inspiring story of an important American astronomer who co-founded the SETI Institute, dedicated to exploring, understanding, and explaining life in the universe.




Radical Women
A wide ranging volume examining more than 100 female artists with nearly 300 works in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance art, and other experimental media.




Broad Strokes
Art historian Bridget Quinn delves into the lives and careers of 15 brilliant female artists in text that's smart, feisty, educational, and an enjoyable read.




Farewell to muse
An informative and often moving account of the intersecting lives of women surrealists during the rise of Franco and the outbreak of WWII.




Jane Crow
Sensitive exploration of a black person identified at birth as female who believed she was male, before the term "transgender" existed.




Glass Universe
The inspiring and little-known true story of women’s landmark contributions to astronomy.




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