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Solano County Library
Display/Exhibit Policy

Library facilities throughout the County have designated a variety of spaces to accommodate exhibits and displays; including bulletin boards, display cabinets and exhibit cases, display tables, “art walls” and other areas for flyers, handouts, or displays. Exhibits and displays are restricted to the areas designated by the Library. The Solano County Library staff will accept for consideration materials brought in for exhibit, posting or distribution in these designated spaces, provided the material meets the criteria in this policy. The Library retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibition and/or material.

As part of the Library’s mission to provide materials, resources, information, entertainment and life long learning opportunities, Library staff plans and creates or hosts exhibitions in libraries throughout the County Library system. These exhibits are intended to draw interest to collections, key events and programs; appeal to the diverse interests and concerns of the community served; and reflect current interests, values, trends, and cultures of Solano County’s neighborhoods and communities.

The Library may sponsor exhibitions from organizations or individuals that are engaged in a wide range of educational, cultural or intellectual activities. In addition to co-sponsoring exhibitions from outside organizations, the Library works with other County Departments and the cities served by Solano County Library. The Library welcomes exhibits that: reflect the cultural diversity of the County; celebrate local heritage, interests and cultures; attract a wide audience; or connect to other exhibitions or programs in the community presented at or about the same time. Examples of Library sponsored exhibits are: annual observances such as Black History Month and the Library’s Summer Reading Program, book author appearances or readings, American Library Association programs or other traveling exhibits and public awareness campaigns such as Earthquake Readiness.

All Library policies and procedures regarding public art and the display of exhibits will comply with the Solano County Public Art Program and Solano County Art Exhibit Guidelines and Policies.


  • The materials are submitted to the proper Library personnel for approval prior to posting/display. Branch staff is responsible for managing displays and exhibits in their respective facility. The Library will review all materials before being displayed.
  • The Solano County Library does not provide public notice boards / space for individuals to advertise items for sale or wanted.
  • Designated Library exhibit spaces are not gallery spaces and do not constitute a public forum. Library, County or City-sponsored exhibitions have priority and the Library reserves the right to preempt any scheduled exhibit. The Library will make every effort to give advance notice of such preemption but does not guarantee advance notice will be given.
  • The materials must fit the physical space available and can be hung or displayed with the hooks, picture rail or cabinetry provided. The art should be appropriate in scale, material, form and content for the library environment. Exhibit / display spaces may also be passageways for employees and for members of the public of all ages to reach library services. Accordingly, the Library discourages material containing images that include significant elements of sexually explicit imagery, nudity or graphic depictions of violence. The Library reserves the right to remove any item from an exhibition on the above grounds or if the exhibition is a possible safety hazard, is too large or otherwise inappropriate for the display space or case, creates a maintenance problem, exceeds acceptable noise and light levels, or interferes with the public service or other activities in adjacent library areas.
  • The materials must fit the display schedule set up by the staff of the library.
  • The materials must meet the requirements of the Solano County Library Materials Selection & Access Policy. The policy is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The Library displays materials on the basis of the following criteria: artistic merit; aesthetics; exhibit quality that adds to the stature and reputation of the Library; condition of the material; extent to which it is complementary to current Library collections and services; reflects the neighborhood and community served by the branch; and/or celebrates local heritage, interests and culture. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibition or to change the manner of display.
  • Both sides of political or other issues must be presented (for example, the Library cannot appear to advocate any one political candidate, but would put up a notice for a “candidates’ night” at which all contenders are to speak).
  • The materials must not proselytize for a particular religion. A display that covers various religious beliefs in an informational, non-proselytizing manner is acceptable.
  • Materials advertising educational activities sponsored by public educational institutions, such as community college or adult education classes that take place in school facilities are allowed.
  • Advertising or promoting a purely commercial product or service is not allowed.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 23, 2006.



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