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Didn’t find what you were looking for in the Library’s catalog?  Try Link+!  Link+ is a resource sharing network of over 60 public and academic libraries whose library collections are now available to you!

What is Link+?

Link+ is a free service you can use to borrow materials that the Solano Partner Libraries & St. Helena (SPLASH) consortium does not have available.  Link+ is a cooperative resource sharing effort between over 60 California libraries, both public and academic. You can use your Solano County Library card to place a hold in the Link+ catalog on a title owned by any member library that you can then pick up at your local library.

How do I use Link+?

If the Solano County Library does not own the item, you may request it from Link+:

  1. Access our online catalog and search for the title you are looking for. If it is not found, click on Link+ and it will take you to the Link+ catalog with your search information included.
  2. Locate your item in the Link+ catalog and click on it to open the materials record.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Available” copies.
  4. If none are Available, you will need to check again at a later time.
  5. If a copy is Available, choose Request It.
  6. At the “With which library are you affiliated?” message, select Solano County Library from the dropdown menu.
  7. At the Request Verification screen, type in your Name, library card number, and select your Pickup Location from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Submit to place your hold.

If there is an available copy, the item will be sent from the owning library to your preferred Solano County Library branch. If you attempt to place a hold on an item that is not available, you will see a “Sorry, no copies available for requests” message. You might still be able to place a request at a later date depending on the item’s availability in the future.

Can anyone use Link+?

All Solano County Library customers with current library cards in good standing can use the Link+ service.  If you have account issues, you will need to address them before you can use the Link+ service by calling 1-866-57-ASKUS or visiting any Solano County Library branch.

I just got a new library card. Can I use Link+ right away?

New customers that have created an online e-card or those who have received their card in person can place Link+ holds as soon as the card is active. If you have received a replacement library card, your new card number should still be able access to Link+.

How much does LINK+ cost?

LINK+ is a free service, as long as you return your materials on time. Fines and fees policies are established by the Link+ consortium.  All member libraries must follow the same policies. There are no overdue fines, but a fee will be attached for a lost or damaged Link+ item up to $115.

What can I request from Link+?

You can request books, music, DVDs, video games, etc. from Link+.

Customers can only place holds on items that are not available in the Solano County Library online catalog. If you try to place a Link+ hold on an item that is available in the Solano County Library catalog, you will receive the following message, “You cannot use LINK+ to request items that are available at your institution.”

How many Link+ items can I have on hold and checked out at one time?

You may have a total of 10 Link+ items checked out at any given time. You may have more than 10 Link+ items on hold at a time but be aware that your Link+ holds may exceed your checkout maximum (10) and these additional holds will remain on the holds shelf (7 days) and may return to the lending library before you can get to them.

How long will it take to get Link+ items?

Items usually arrive within 7-10 days.

How do I know my Link+ item is ready and how long will the library hold it for me?

The Link+ hold notification process works just like it does with other library materials you have on hold.  If you currently receive an email or text notification when your hold is available for pick up, you will receive the same type of notice for your Link+ hold.  As with all other holds, the library will hold the LINK+ item(s) for 7 days. If not picked up by then, the item will be returned to the lending library.

How do I pick up my Link+ item and where can I return it?

LINK+ items checked out at a Solano County Library branch can be returned to any Solano County Library branch. These items may be returned in the book drop, but it is recommended you hand the item to a library staff member to ensure that it was returned. Link+ items checked out at the Benicia, Dixon or St. Helena library need to be returned directly to that library.

How can I cancel or check the status of my Link+ hold?

You may cancel or check the status of your LINK+ hold by checking your account online, calling 1-866-57-ASKUS, or visiting any Solano County Library.

If you would like to cancel your hold you can also email

How long can I borrow a link+ item and how many times can I renew it?

Link+ items check out for 21 days, like all other library materials. Items that can renew will automatically renew 3 days before the items due date. If items can renew, they will only renew once. If you have questions about the renewal, you can call 1-866-57-ASKUS or bring your Link+ item to the Customer Service Desk at any Solano County Library branch.

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