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Fall/Winter 2023, Topic of the Quarter

“Restraining Orders and the LGBT Community” by Jonathan Watson Although this may sound like a bizarre question, I would like to start this posting by asking readers “who do you envision as an ‘ideal victim’ in a domestic violence situation?”…

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Spring/Summer 2023, Topic of the Quarter

“The Works of Poet Lawyer Reginald Dwayne Betts” by Jonathan Watson In honor of April’s National Poetry Month, this posting will focus on activist, playwright, performer and self-described “lawyer poet” Reginald Dwayne Betts. Maryland-native Betts was a high school honor…

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Fall/Winter 2022, Topic of the Quarter

Lawsuits and Mental Health - Part II by Jonathan Watson The advent of 2023 means the end of our series on mental health and wellness. To review, our first posting in the series dealt with workplace bullying and hostile work…

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Spring/Summer 2022, Topic of the Quarter

Lawsuits and Mental Health - Part I by Jonathan Watson Our last blog posting addressed workplace bullying and hostile work environments. This entry will take a broader approach in tying mental health to law. It is said that a divorce…

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Fall/Winter 2021, Topic of the Quarter

"Workplace Bullying and Hostile Work Environments" by Jonathan Watson With the new year looming, did you know that January 2022 will be Mental Wellness Month? Furthermore, did you know that our parent organization Solano County Library has Mental Health Initiative…

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Resource of the Month: 2019

You may have noticed that our blog has been empty this year. Did you know that you can find “From the Law Librarian’s Lectern…” articles on the Daily Republic’s website? At Your Library: From your law librarian's lectern – Love…

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