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“Crying in H Mart” by Michelle Zauner. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Nathan R.

Solano County Teen, Nathan, reviews "Crying in H Mart"!

Book: Crying in H Mart

Author: Michelle Zauner

Reviewer: Nathan R., 11th Grade

As the main head of the modern pop band Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner has taken on many obstacles in order to reach this large amount of success. Whether it be challenges with something as common as her caring but conservative mother or something more seldom like wanting to drop out of school and become a musician, Zauner embarks on a journey learning to embrace her culture in her memoir known as Crying in H Mart. This book was very inspiring and caused me to ponder my way of living in which way I accept my culture. Similar to Zauner, I am unable to fluently speak my native language, but when I try to speak phrases I can do it effortlessly. Crying in H Mart is a wonderfully written piece filled with many relatable ideas and answers to common questions about culture. With this in mind, I would give the book a 5/5 for the amount of insight and morals that have been provided in the context of Zauner.


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