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“Dark Rise” by C.S. Pacat. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Quinn

"Dark Rise" by C.S. Pacat, Solano County Library Teen Book Review (Reviewed by 9th Grade Quinn)

Book: Dark Rise

Author: C. S. Pacat

Reviewer: Quinn, 9th Grade

Within the turbulence of a re-read; it is transpicuous that C.S. Pacat’s rich literary work, Dark Rise, is an immediate addition to your favorites collection. Through diversity in both race and queer representation, as well as heart-shiftingly inconceivable plot twist tropes, Pacat evokes a corrupting darkness blooming in a seizing nobility; a world of flesh and bravery–of immense betrayal yet knightly devotion. The sole wholeness of the protagonist, Will, is on the run from the Dark King. However, little does he know how close the Dark King actually nestles–little does he know who the Dark King actually is. Articulately, relationship and character development carry the plot, while sinful tapestries of tension daringly allure the reader. If you want an insight to countless deceptions, unheard legends, weaving fates, familiar enemies, and dangerous assurance; Dark Rise might be a whole new universe of pages just for you!

5/5 Stars

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