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“Dragonswood” by Janet Lee Carey. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Sammi B.

DRAGONSWOOD book review by Sammi B

Book: Dragonswood

Author: Janet Lee Carey

Reviewer: Sammi B., 9th Grade

*Novel and Review Warning: Mentions of Abuse

Tess has always used Dragonswood as her escape from her father’s abuse and the stress of her life. It’s calming for her to run as far as she can until she can’t run any further. Under the circumstances, it’s certainly not easy being a female, or anyone really, in Tess’s universe. So many are accused of being witches, which don’t exist, while fey and dragons accumulate around most. When Tess is accused of being a witch, she accidentally drags her two best friends along, much to their dismay, on a journey that changes all of their lives for better or worse.

Janet Lee Carey did a fantastic job of creating this world that had just the right amount of plot twists to guarantee the mystery one could only appreciate. What I enjoyed about the novel was how a devastating time in our history was mixed in a way that gave the motives of both the good and the bad. Teens would likely appreciate this book with how it sculpts a world that is similar yet very different to the one we live in.


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