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“Frigid” by Giao Chi. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Quinn A.

Book: Frigid

Author: Giao Chi

Reviewer: Quinn A., 10th Grade

From whirling snowflakes and drifting leaves, Frigid forms an amazingly beautiful story of both characters Obsidian and Dong Tu, and how they attempt to weave through the tangles of their intertwined fate. The author, Giao Chi, utilizes stunningly pleasing imagery and detailed descriptions of Vietnamese/Asian culture to craft this sequel that can also be read as a stand-alone to The Girl Who Kept Winter.

Frigid is a wonderful book to pick up for enjoyers of tragically forbidden romance, reeling plot twists, and characters with dimensional identities–from martial arts, immortality, supernatural abilities, and traditional notions; it is a tale of loyalty, even when fate doesn’t work at their story’s side. Furthermore, Giao Chi also introduces Luu Dong Trung, a vital character to the plot and complications between Dong Tu and Obsidian; as the book trails on, the secrets that lie entwined between these characters are sure to tug at your heart.

5/5 Stars

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