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“Hawk” by James Patterson. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Amy.

Hawk by James Patterson, reviewed by Solano County teen Amy

Book: Hawk

Author: James Patterson

Reviewer: Amy, 8th Grade

Hawk by James Patterson is the perfect sequel to Maximum Ride. As Hawk fights her way through the dirty streets of the City of the Dead, she is faced with a problem that would change the course of her life forever. Although she might seem tough and reserved at first, readers won’t be able to help but empathize with her as she copes with the tragic reality that is her life.

If you have read the first book already, you would definitely be able to tell the resemblance between Hawk and her mother. As their rather impulsive behaviors blend with the rest of the cast, it really does make for an enthralling read. You can certainly get very absorbed in the story. There were unmistakably many times when I felt so entranced by the story that I just had to keep turning the pages.

I do think teens would enjoy this riveting novel as they follow Hawk through her journey. My overall rating would be 4.5 stars. The way Patterson constructed the world around Hawk as she traversed through it balanced out the slightly foreseeable scenes in the book.


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