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Dixon Archive Resources


Assessment Records 1852

Census 1852, 1900

Marriages 1853-1893

Will Book 1855-1876

Land Title Records 1878-1919

Index of Voters 1890


Death and Birth Certificates 1910-1921


Land Titles 1853

Census Index 1900

Precinct Voters Register and Index 1902


Coast Counties by Guinn, 1903

Dixon Tribune Newspaper Microfilm 1874-present – film reels are availabe to be viewed in the library. The Dixon Tribune has also be digitized and is available online. The link is on our homepage.

Early Solano Maps

Dixon Block Map – 1953

Dixon Assessor Map 1954-1977

Wagon Road Map of California 1914

Solano Maps – 1940

Great Registers for Silveyville and Tremont, 1930, 1936, 1938, 1942, 1946, 1948.

History of Solano & Napa Counties with Biographical by Gregory, 1912

History of Solano County by Fraser, 1879

Index to Property Owners and Township Lists of Solano County, 1878, by Nancy Morebeck

Index to Roster of California Pioneers

McKenney’s 8 County Directory, 1884-85

Memorial and Biographical History of California, 1891

Pioneer Collections of Solano County by Mary Higham

Thompson & West Historical Atlas of Solano County, 1878

Dixon City Map of Property Owners 1916


Solano County Pioneer Index by Solano County Genealogical Society

Silveyville Cemetery Index

Miscellaneous Records 1860-1918 Book I (includes deeds, marriage, civil, probate) Miscellaneous Records 1850-1859 Book II (includes deeds, marriage, civil, probate)

Historic Photos (about 850)

Scrapbooks of Newspaper Articles 1864-1968 (includes Birth, Marriage, Deaths)

CD’s—Milk Farm, Churches, Maps 1878 1888, Schroeder Family Photos

Family Files

Historic Files

Original Land Patents – Silveyville, Tremont, Maine Prairie


Phone Books 1927 – 1955

Great Register of Voters – Dixon, Silveyville, Tremont, Maine Prairie

Grammar School Register 1893-1948

Dixon Archives

Dixon Public Library Archives:  Online Historical Collection

Oral Histories Videos

Dixon Tribune Digital Collection

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and more. In addition to the Elsie M. Caster Oral History Project on our website, you can view more of the Dixon Public Library’s collection of recordings in video and audio format by visiting the Internet Archive. Digitization of our collection was made possible by the California Audiovisual Preservation Project which preserves California’s audiovisual heritage and allows online access provided by the Internet Archive.

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