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“Iron Widow” by Xiran Jay Zhao. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Amber/Quinn.

Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, reviewed by Solano County teen Amber/Quinn

Book: Iron Widow

Author: Xiran Jay Zhao

Reviewer: Amber/Quinn, 9th Grade

Throughout the literary work Iron Widow, by Xiran Jay Zhao, there are various genres mixed together to develop a compelling and creative story. The emotional appeals mixed with the conflicts throughout the storyline make the book a MUST READ – it’s impossible to put down. Furthermore, the author’s usage of thoughtfulness in creating a futuristic society and tying in ideas of rebellion against cultural practices that discriminate against certain genders or sexualities enhance this particular attractiveness. The author also manages to incorporate the resolutions to many conflicts while developing more through cliffhangers. I HIGHLY suggest you pick up this book–it’s filled to the brim with intense sensations of varying emotions and tension in every obstacle the protagonist encounters–including the overcoming of the barriers faced, creating more ideas, influencing more conflicts. Even if you don’t enjoy romance, science fiction, or cultural aspects, it’s distinctly an outstanding book!


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