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“Resurrection Girls” by Ava Morgyn. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Zara Jackson

Teen book review of RESURRECTION GIRLS by 9th grade Zara Jackson.

Book: Resurrection Girls

Author: Ava Morgyn

Reviewer: Zara Jackson, 9th Grade

Olivia Foster is an outcast from her family. The incident from 3 years ago caused her to separate from her family as she fell deeper and deeper into sadness and depression. That is, until a girl named Kara moves in across the street with her female family members. Kara and Olivia hit it off and become fast friends, and Kara slowly pulls Olivia out of her struggles once she reveals that she sends letters to prisoners on death row. Olivia gets hooked into this activity as well, but as the letters go by, she slowly realizes that there is something odd about Kara and her family.

Ava Morgyn, the author of Resurrection Girls, did a great job of including mental illnesses in her writing. Olivia’s struggles with her brother’s death were perfectly portrayed through her character and Kara’s appearance didn’t magically make her happy; it took time, like any relationship would. Morgyn’s descriptions of emotions and feelings in her book make it very understanding to tenagers, and I would recommend this story to anyone who likes mystery and death!

5/5 Stars

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