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“#scandal” by Sarah Ockler Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Ethan Jackson.

Book: #scandal

Author: Sarah Ockler

Reviewer: Ethan Jackson, 10th Grade

In this story, Lucy, the protagonist, secretly has feelings for her best friend, Ellie’s, boyfriend. Of course, she would never dream of letting Ellie find out that she likes Cole, until Ellie falls ill and begs Lucy to step in and replace her as Cole’s date to a party. Ellie’s actions were out of love for Cole, but he clearly wasn’t thinking about her when he kissed Lucy and told her that he liked her back. This occurrence, photographed and posted on the internet by a mysterious person, ruined Lucy’s reputation, friendship, and carefree life at school. As the story progresses, Lucy worries about how she can gain back everything she’d lost, all while trying to find out who ruined her reputation.

Sarah Ockler does an amazing job of writing this masterpiece of mystery, confusion, and betrayal. Each chapter of the story has a new plot twist, and it increases the dramatic effect that so many teens know and love. The pacing is perfect and the symbolism of each character’s emotions is unreal. I would definitely recommend this book to any teen that loves drama, forbidden romance, and mystery.

5/5 Stars

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