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Solano Reads! Year Long Reading Challenge 


January 3, 2022 to December 31, 2022   

What is Solano Reads? (Learn more!)

Solano Reads is a year-round, all-ages, community wide celebration of all kinds of reading. Reading just twenty minutes per day builds empathy for others, creates a strong vocabulary, and positively affects and boosts your mental and physical health. Reading can be a part of anyone’s routine whether it’s 20 minutes a day, every other day, or once a week.

The Challenge

Set a goal to regularly read in 2022. Beginning January 3, 2022, sign up at any Solano County Library branch. You will receive a card where you can track your reading progress.  Prefer to log your progress online? You can do so with our reading app, Beanstack ( However, using the app is not a requirement. Commemorative pins will be available each time you reach a milestone.  All registrants will be eligible for quarterly prizes which will include gift cards and other giveaways.

Solano Reads Milestones Pins!

Example Goals:
20 minutes/day: 7300 minutes or more
20 minutes/3x week: 3120 minutes
20 minutes/twice a week: 2080 minutes
20 minutes/week: 1040 minutes

Level 1: 7000+ minutes
Level 2: 5000+ minutes
Level 3: 3000+ minutes
Level 4: 1000+ minutes

What counts as reading?

You can read books, magazines, newspapers, comics, blogs, or listen to audiobooks. Pre-readers can participate by having their caregiver or adult read to them. Storytimes count too!

Tips to Find the Time to Read:

Do you want to read more but feel like you don’t have the time? You are not alone.

  • Try audiobooks.

Audiobooks are one of the best ways to begin reading more. You can download directly to your phone and listen whenever you like. Check out services such as Libby by Overdrive, Hoopla, or BookFlix for a wide selection of audiobooks.

  • Look into eBooks.

Instead of having to carry a book around everywhere you go, you can bring your phone or eBook reader and have as many books as you would like on hand.

  • Find books that interest you.

Read for fun or what interests you. This will make you like reading more. If what you like is fiction, read fiction. If you enjoy romance novels, then go for it. Not liking the book you started? No problem—put it down and find a new one! Your minutes count, even if you don’t finish every book.

  • Make a commitment to read for 20 minutes a day, a few times a week, or even once a week.

Hold yourself accountable and find a part of your day when you think you will be able to pick up a book. It could be on your commute to work, right before bed or before dinner. Getting into a routine will keep you more disciplined and it will better prepare your mind for reading.

  • Commit with friends or family.

Reading with someone else can be a fun way to stay motivated. Pick a book to read with a friend or family member and, separately, you can both read it. You will be able to keep each other accountable and talk about the things you are learning throughout. Join a book club, meet new people or make friends and discuss books in a relaxed atmosphere. This makes the experience more enjoyable, and it will make you more likely to do the reading.

Log your minutes for Solano Reads!

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