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“Tokyo Ever After” by Emiko Jean. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Sammi B.

Teen book review of TOKYO EVER AFTER by 10th grade Sammi B.

Book: Tokyo Ever After

Author: Emiko Jean

Reviewer: Sammi B., 10th Grade

Being an Asian American, Izumi Tanaka, Izzy, has never fit in in her mostly white town. Growing up, it had always just been her and her single mom. Izzy has always wondered about her dad and what she could have possibly been missing out on during her childhood. The question of his identity is solved when one of her best friends somehow finds him online, opening up a whole new can of worms, one of the royal variety, that is just the beginning of Izzy’s new life.

Emiko Jean did an incredible job of creating this world of betrayal, love, and familial pressure. It’s a world of no other. I really enjoyed how despite everything that happened, both good and bad, the main character grew as a person and was better because of everything that had happened. Teens who like sweet and chaotic stories will likely appreciate this novel.

5/5 Stars

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